• Olivia and Penguin Man, Penguin Man, does whatever a Penguin Man can.On the ice, slides real nice, eats his sushi by the slice. Watchout! Hogard's a Penguin Man.
    Olivia and Penguin Man, Penguin Man, does whatever a Penguin Man can.On the ice, slides real nice, eats his sushi by the slice. Watchout! Hogard's a Penguin Man.
  • Christmas 2016
    Christmas 2016
  • Tyler Harrison in Pep Parade, 2017
    Tyler Harrison in Pep Parade, 2017
  • The Battery.
    The Battery.
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May 17 - Junior High Concert and Banquet (Beginning Band and Junior High Band) @ 6:30 

*Students need to meet in the band room at 5:45


Google Classroom Codes

Please make sure your child registers for Google Classroom. Your child's grade does depend on it!

Student. These codes change each quarter.

Your child should log into their school google account which is [email protected] (example: [email protected]). They will then have access to G-Suite and Google Classroom. For their cell phones, they will need to download the app. Once they are logged in, they will need to join the class. The codes are listed below. For parents to view GC grades and comments, I will need to invite you. I cannot do this until your child has registered.

Beginning Band (1st period) - wng40p4

Beginning Band (8th period) - 8re86md

Junior Band (2nd Period)

Jazz Band (3rd Period) - zy2rcu 

Music Appreciation (4th Period) 

Senior High Band (5th Period) - 4ix87v1

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Parents, please include your child's name if you reply to me.

Beginners should join @tlhobeg 

Junior Band Students should join @tlhojh 

Senior Band Students should join @tlhosh

NOTE: tlhoall is no longer a vaild remind and will be shut down soon.

Other Websites


Brookland School Web Sites

Brookland School District The Homepage of the Brookland School District

Brookland Teachers

Nixle This link connects you to information on the phone alert system for Brookland Public Schools

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Other websites of interest to Band Students and Parents

J.W.Pepper The worlds largest print music distributer. This site maintains recordings of many of the pieces the band performs

ASBOA The website for the Arkansas School Band and Orchestra association, the governing body of Arkansas School Bands,

ALSO, Check out the "Resources" tab at the top of the page!

SmartMusic.com The website that will give your child hours of music to practice at home.

Why Band?

Have you ever wondered why children should learn to play an instrument? Here are some reasons you can share with your non-band friends (click on each one to be taken to the reqearch page)...

Music adds to mental acuity and longevity.

Music and the subtelties of hearing.

Music makes you smarter

Music improves motor skills

ROAR Leaders 2018-19


Field Commander - Hannah Smith

- Woodwind Major - Matt Luster

---- Flute Captain - Ashton Smallman

---- Clarinet Captain - Jared Harrison

------Clarinet Lieutenant - Gavin Islas

---- Saxophone Captain - *Matt Luster

- Brass Major - Breanna Condon

---- High Brass Captain - Rebekah Jones

------Trumpet Lieutenant - Lucas Heer

------ Mellophone Lieutenant - Shelby Brown

- Low Brass Captain - Connor Woodard

------ Trombone Lieutenant - Katy Polk

------ Baritone Lieutenant - *Breanna Condon

------ Tuba Lieutenant - Lakota Noles

- Battery Major - Bri Gibson

---- High Captain - *Bri Gibson

------ Center Snare - Isaac Rodriguez

----Bass Drum Captain - Shiloh Bruner

---- Front Ensemble Captain - Nikkolette Perkins

------Front Ensemble Lieutenant - Cole Baldridge

* - indicates two position holder

Brayden Taylor

     Jill Lemon

           Carlie Glass

               Savannah Spades

            Makayla Riley

        Kenna Hughes

    Harmonie Slater


Adam Baxter Oboe Solo-Superior; Adam Baxter Tenor Sax Solo-Superior; Ethan Scurlock Alto Sax Solo - Superior; Zach Proctor Trumpet Solo - Superior; Parker Odom Bass Clarinet Solo - Superior; Woodwind Trio (Hailey Ratley, Adam Baxter, Drew Daniels) - Superior; Bri Gibson Vibraphone Solo - Superior; Percussion Ensemble (Bri Gibson, Blake Davis, Morgan Raney, Cole Baldridge, Kaylee Cofield, Isaac Rodriguez, Ella Miller) - Superior. 

Band Events

All State Band Members

Jazz Band 1- 1st Baritone Sax - Ethan Scurlock;;;Chamber Orchestra, Principal Oboe - Adam Baxter;;; Wind Symphony - Oboe 1 - Adam Baxter;;; Symphonic Band - Baritone Sax 1 - Ethan Scurlock;;;Concert Band- Bass Clarinet 4 - Parker Odom;;; Fourth Alternate Trumpet - Zachary Proctor

December 2: Junior High All Region Tryout Results 2017-2018

Flute- Hannah Davison 1st Band, 10th Chair; Riley Christenberry 2nd Band, 9th Chair; Caitlyn Hearring 4th Alternate;;; Oboe- Jasper Webb 1st Band, 3rd Chair;;; Clarinet- Sadie Miller 2nd Band, 22nd Chair;;; Saxophone- Rebekah Jones 2nd Band, 3rd Chair; Abby McDaniel 3rd Alternate;;; Trumpet- JP Weatherford 2nd Band, 3rd Chair;;;Baritone- Drew Walker 1st Band, 4th Chair

January 18 High School All Region Auditions (Grades 10-12) Results

Alternates: Casey Smith (Tuba), Isaac Rodriguez (Percussion), Jodie Seaborn (Trumpet), Shilioh Bruner (Baritone Sax), Gavin Islas (Clarinet);;; 2nd Band: Nikkolette Perkins (Oboe 2), Jaida Feliciano (Clarinet 18), Connor Woodard (Trombone 6). Nathan Lamb (Trombone 8), Bri Gibson (Percussion 2), Carson Woodard (Bass Trombone 1);;;1st Band: Haley Ratley (Flute 12), Adam Baxter (Oboe 1), Parker Odom (Bass Clarinet 3), Drew Daniels (Clarinet 14), Jared Harrison (Clarinet 26), Ethan Scurlock (Baritone Sax 1), Zach Proctor (Trumpet 3), Breanna Condon (Euphonium 5)

November 13: Region Jazz Auditions;  Annie Camp

       JH Band: Jasper Webb - Tenor 2; Kai Bounds - Trumpet 5; Drew Walker - Trombone 4; Katy Polk -                       Trombone Alternate

       SH Band 1: Ethan Scurlock* - Baritone Sax; Carson Woodard* - Bass Trombone

       SH Band 2: Zach Proctor* - Trumpet 1; Connor Woodard - Trombone 5; Lucas Heer - Trombone                           ALternate

       * All-State Audition Qualified