• Tyler Harrison in Pep Parade, 2017
    Tyler Harrison in Pep Parade, 2017
  • Christmas 2016
    Christmas 2016
  • Olivia and Penguin Man, Penguin Man, does whatever a Penguin Man can.On the ice, slides real nice, eats his sushi by the slice. Watchout! Hogard's a Penguin Man.
    Olivia and Penguin Man, Penguin Man, does whatever a Penguin Man can.On the ice, slides real nice, eats his sushi by the slice. Watchout! Hogard's a Penguin Man.
  • The Battery.
    The Battery.
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Google Classroom Codes

Please register for Google Classroom with the following codes:

Beginning Band (1st AND 8th period) - qusisc

Junior Band (2nd Period)

Jazz Band (3rd Period) - avjgsu3

Senior High Band (5th Period) - ifbc6co

Music Appreciation (4th Period)

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Students, Use your name and not a nickname or pseudonym. Always include your name if you reply to me.

Parents, please include your child's name if you reply to me.

Beginners should join @tlhobeg 

Junior Band Students should join @tlhojh 

Senior Band Students should join @tlhosh

NOTE: tlhoall is no longer a vaild remind and will be shut down soon.

Other Websites


Brookland School Web Sites

Brookland School District The Homepage of the Brookland School District

Brookland Teachers

Nixle This link connects you to information on the phone alert system for Brookland Public Schools

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Other websites of interest to Band Students and Parents

J.W.Pepper The worlds largest print music distributer. This site maintains recordings of many of the pieces the band performs

ASBOA The website for the Arkansas School Band and Orchestra association, the governing body of Arkansas School Bands,

ALSO, Check out the "Resources" tab at the top of the page!

SmartMusic.com The website that will give your child hours of music to practice at home.

Why Band?

Have you ever wondered why children should learn to play an instrument? Here are some reasons you can share with your non-band friends (click on each one to be taken to the reqearch page)...

Music adds to mental acuity and longevity.

Music and the subtelties of hearing.

Music makes you smarter

Music improves motor skills

High School Band Events


I don't have any information right now except that if it is postponed, it will be Thursday, following the same schedule as below.

January 16 High School All Region Auditions (Grades 10-12)

        Paragould High School

           Meet in Bandroom: 2:30 PM

           Travel to Paragould: 3:20 PM

           Judges' Meeting 4:00 PM

           Music Posted 4:30 PM

           Auditions Begin 5:00 PM

           Auditions End HOPEFULLY by 10:00, but maybe later.

           Return To BHS as soon as possible


                Early Pick-up: 

                    1. I must have a note from your parent BEFORE we leave on Tuesday.

                    2. You must text me (870) 240-5719 when you are picked up.

                Snow Date

                    1. If tryouts are postponed due to weather, the make-up date is Thursday. Jan 18.

                    2. If postponed Jan 18, then Saturday, Jan 20.


January 19-20 All-Region Clinics (students selected at Region Auditions)

                   Location is ASU

                   Friday: Dress code is School Clothes

                          Meet in the band room at

                          Supper at: Count on $10.00

                          Rehearsal ends at

                          Arrive at band room at

                   Saturday: Dress code for rehearsals is school clothes. 

                                    DRESS CODE FOR THE PERFORMANCE IS DRESS NICE! Ties, skirts, nice pants,                                      etc.

                          Meet in the band room at

                          Lunch at: Count on $10.00

                          Concerts in the Fowler Center of ASU

                                    Junior High 2nd Band

                                    Junior High 1st Band 

                                    Senior High 2nd Band 

                                    Senior High 1st Band


                          Return to Band Room at

PARENTS ARE ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND THE PERFORMANCES. If you are picking your child up after the concert, please send me an e-mail from your personal account or text from you phone with your name and your child's name included BEFORE we meet Saturday morning and then text me again when you have picked them up.


        NOTE: If Senior Region auditions are postponed until January 20, the clinic will move to January                      26-27.

February 2-3 All-State Auditions (Select 10-12 grade)

February 6 Honor Band Auditions (all 10-12 grade)

February 13-17 All-State (Select 10-12 grade)

March 1 Home Concert (HS Band) (High School Band)

March 2 Lyon College (High School Band)

March 6 Long Rehearsal (3:30 to 6:30) with pizza (High School Band)

March 8 Concert Assessment (High School Band)

March 9 Concert Assessment (Junior High Band)

December 2: Junior High All Region Tryout Results 2017-2018


Hannah Davison 1st Band, 10th Chair
Riley Christenberry 2nd Band, 9th Chair
Caitlyn Hearring 4th Alternate 

Jasper Webb 1st Band, 3rd Chair

Sadie Miller 2nd Band, 22nd Chair

Rebekah Jones 2nd Band, 3rd Chair
Abby McDaniel 3rd Alternate 

JP Weatherford 2nd Band, 3rd Chair

Drew Walker 1st Band, 4th Chair

October 21: Forrest City Marching Invitational

        The ROAR of Brookland Won 4th place Band Overall!

        Division 1 Band

        Division 1 Percussion

        Division 1 Drum Major

        1st in class Band

        1st in class Percussion

        1st in class Drum Major

        1st in class Choreography

        Outstanding Soloist in Class, Ethan Scurlock

November 13: Region Jazz Auditions;  Annie Camp

       JH Band: Jasper Webb - Tenor 2; Kai Bounds - Trumpet 5; Drew Walker - Trombone 4; Katy Polk -                       Trombone Alternate

       SH Band 1: Ethan Scurlock* - Baritone Sax; Carson Woodard* - Bass Trombone

       SH Band 2: Zach Proctor* - Trumpet 1; Connor Woodard - Trombone 5; Lucas Heer - Trombone                           ALternate

       * All-State Audition Qualified