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Bearcat Senior Band Beats Old Record at High School All-Region!

Once again, Bearcat Band students step up, this time at the high school level! 11 Bearcats were selected to High School All-Region and 1 was selected to alternate on her instrument. In addition, 4 students will definitely be auditioning for All-State, with 1 other student being "on-call" for auditions.


Auditions for Senior Region are run the same as they are for Junior High (where Bearcats shattered the precious record), but the music is of a higher difficulty level. Region clinic for Junior and Senior Student will be Friday and Saturday, January 23-24, at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro. Concerts are open to the public on Saturday at 2:00 p.m. for free at the ASU Fowler Center.


High School 2nd Band


Bassoon: Ethan Nelms (2nd chair)*; Clarinet Allison Brown (14th chair); Tyler Weaver (20th chair); Dylan Wallis (22nd chair); Joseph Erickson (24th Chair); Alto Sax: Chris Morgan

Trombone: Katelyn Ratley (1st chair)**; Euphonium: Tim Casey (4th chair); Horn: Olivia Langner (alt.)


High School 1st Band

Flute: Brent Cochran (7th chair)*; Clarinet: Dylan Lane (11th chair)*; Bass Clarinet: Trevor Belyew (2nd chair)*

* Auditioning for All-State

** On-call alternate to audition for All-State




The Brookland Bearcat Band boasts the highest number of Junior High All-Region Band Members in school history - sixteen. The students auditioned on Saturday, December 6, at Paragould Jr. High. The auditions involved performing 3 pieces that they had been preparing since September, scales, and performing a short piece of music they had never seen with only 20 seconds to look over it. They competed against over 700 students from schools in Clay, Greene, Craighead, MIssissippi, Lawrence, Randolph, Poinsett, Fulton, Izard, Independence, Sharp, and Jackson counties. These students will be performing a public concert in January, at Arkansas State University.


Second Band

Flute: Winter Hicks (5th Chair); Oboe: Nikkolette Perkins (2nd Chair); Clarinet: Drew Daniels (12th chair), Parker Odom (15th chair); F-Horn: Abby Bass (6th Chair)


First Band

Flute: Hailey Ratley (2nd chair); Oboe: Adam Baxter (1st Chair); Clarinet: Abeer Aljaad (19th Chair),

Taylor Mosbey (26th Chair); Baritone Sax: Ethan Scurlock (1st Chair); Trumpet: Zach Proctor (3rd Chair); Trombone: Carson Woodard (7th Chair), Jacob Scallion (9th Chair); Tuba: Amanda Tyler (6th Chair); Percussion: Creed Edgar (9th Chair), Brianna Gibson (10th Chair)


Statistics: Brookland had 16 students selected, placing 6th over-all; Brookland placed 3rd in number of students making 1st Band; and tied for 2nd on number of students earning 1st Chair.

Brookland's ASBA Honor Band Members


On Tuesday, February 10, 2015, 10th - 12th grade members of the Brookland Band travelled to Riverview High School in Searcy to compete with students from other schools with AAA or smaller ASBOA classifications for postitions in the ASBA Honor Band. These students will be travelling to Pangburn in April to perform in a concert band made up of students from Brookland and the other schools. The Honor Band will be conducted this year by noted clinician and composer Robert Sheldon. Information on the auditions and the clinic in April can be found at arkansassmallbandassociation.webs.com.


Students selected were: Brent Cochran - 4th Flute; Blake Martinez - Oboe; Ethan Nelms - Bassoon; Dylan Lane - 3rd clarinet; Allison Brown - 7th Clarinet; Tyler Weaver - 23 Clarinet; Dylan Wallis - 25th Clarinet; Trevor Belyew - 2nd Bass Clarinet; Chris Morgan - 2nd Alto Sax; Olivia Langner - 7th Horn; Katelyn Ratley - 2nd Trombone; and Alex Turner - 12th Percussion.


Once again, the 2014-2015 Brookland Band students set a record for the number of students seleted to Honor Band. Congratulations to all who made it!

Bearcat Band Performs Very Well at Assessment

On Friday, March 13, 2015, the Bearcat High School band travelled to Jonesboro High School to perform music they had been working on for the past several weeks and be assessed on that music by a panel of band directors who assessed and rated that performance.

While the Bearcat Band is only required to play at least one grade level 2 (1 is easiest, 6 is hardest) or harder piece and one of any difficulty level (including easier), Mr. Hogard elected to perform a grade 3 and a grade 2, making this the toughest assessment selections Brookland has attempted in his 7 years as band director. To make matters even tougher, the grade 3, Cajun Folk Songs, by Frank Ticheli is listed as a grade 4 in at least 8 other states and by the publisher. Our second piece, Rites of Tamburo by Robert W. Smith is clasified as a grade 2.

The judges assessed the band on style, musicianship, stage presence, tone, intonation, tuning, as well as getting the correct notes and rhythms and assessed the band at a rating of II (2) on rating scale where Roman numeral I is best and Roman numeral V is lowest. Mr. Hogard was very proud of that rating, noting that not many bands would take a small band of 47 players, with only 4 seniors and 6 juniors to assessment and play music that hard.

Judges Ratings

Judge 1 (John Webb): Gave the band I in Articulation, Note Accuracy, and Style; and a II in Tone, Intonation, Rhythm precision, Balance, Phrasing and Dynamics. Judge 1 Overall Rating: II

Judge 2 (Starla Welty) Gave the band I in Note Accuracy and Dynamics, but a II in the other categories. Judge 2 Overall Rating: II

Judge 3 (Jon Shultz) Gave the band a I in Note Accuracy, but a II in all other categories. Judge 3 Overall Rating: II

OVERALL RATING (averaging all judges): II


The band continued a tradition begun last year of earning a I in Sight-Reading (judged by Mark Tenney). Mr. Hogard said his proudest moment all year came when two of his students asked about how to perform the style of the piece. Never in his career has this happened in the sight reading room.


Rating Key: I = Superior, II = Excellent, III = Good, IV = Fair, V = Poor

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