Brookland Bearcat Band

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Links to Beginning Band letters

Beginner Line Pass Link::::::::

Music and Your Brain!

The Instruments!

Flute - Instruments are gender neutral. 

Oboe - Must take lessons! (Starting 1 student) 

Bassoon - Lessons Required (Starting 1 student)

Clarinet - We need 20% of students to play clarinet.

Saxophone - AUDITION ONLY! Do not assume you will be playing saxophone!

Trumpet - Serious shortage of trumpet players at Brookland! Will take as many was we can get!

F-Horn - Lessons HIGHLY Encouraged (starting 2)



Tuba - Starting 2 students

AUDITION ONLY! Do not assume you will be playing percussion (which includes drums). HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO TAKE LESSONS.

You must learn ALL of the three flowwing instruments.




Solo and Ensemble recordings : These have the soloists

Solo and Ensemble recordsing WITHOUT the soloist
This is the version you will use at Solo and Ensemble

Picking a Band Instrument

Here are some videos that might lead you in the right direction to choose a band instrument

Clean your Brass Instrument

Clean your Trumpet!

Clean Your Trombone!

Accompaniments for Solos