3rd quarter Jazz Grading

Every student received a starting grade of 75%. The remainder of the grade was to be made by recording and sending in assignments from the "Chopmonster" books.  Five were required. Each unit involved playing along with 2 CD tracks: one was a "Call and Response"; the other "Imporivization" based on the call and response. Each Track was graded on a 2 point scale and those points added for a total of 4 points. 

Drummers had to turn in recordings of 5 drumming styles. 

4th Quarter Grading

Every student will recieve a starting grade of 58%. Those students who have finished Units 2-6 with a score of 2.5 or better can keep that score. Anything lower, they will need to redo. I do this because if they do not understand Units 2-6, the next exercises will be impossible. They will be asked to complete units 7, 8, and 9. 

Students who did not pass units 2-6 last quarter will have to pass ALL EIGHT UNITS.

Each unit will be worth 4 points (2 per track). The students will recieve 1 additional point for each unit they score 2.75 or better on. If they score 2.75 or better on all 8 units, they will receive a 2 point bonus for a possible grade of 100.

PERCUSSION: You will keep your grade on Rock, Swing and Samba from 3rd 9 weeks and need to pass Units 2-6 on keyboard.

YES! This means that students who passed their required music off last 9 weeks will start with a higher grade. One student already has a grade of 80 for 4th quarter.

NOTE: The starting grade of 58% is dependent on attendance at required performances and can drop.