Brookland Bearcat Band

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Field Commander – Ethan Scurlock

Associate Field Commander* – Hannah Smith

CPT = Captain; LT = Lieutenant; SGT = Sergeant

* fill in when FC absent or out; conduct 25% of stand tunes; possibly conduct 1 tune on field show.


Woodwind CPT – Adam Baxter

   Associate CPT – Hannah Smith

     Flute LT (Marching) – Hannah Smith

     Flute LT (Music) – Ashton Smallman

     Clarinet LT – Drew Daniels

          Clarinet SGT – Parker Odom

Sax/Horn LT – Adam Baxter

     Mellphone SGT - Breanna Condon


Brass MJR – Zach Proctor

      Trumpet LT (Captain) – Zach Proctor

         Trumpet SGT – Chloe Martin

      Low Brass CPT – Carson Woodard

         Trombone LT  –  Lucas Heer

            Trombone/Euph SGT - Connor Woodard 



Percussion Officers

Battery (Marching Percussion) CPT – Cynthia Hearring

      Snare LT – Cynthia Hearring

      Tenor/Bass LT – Bri Gibson

Front Ensemble CPT – Nikkolette Perkins

Percussion Results


   Snare 1 – Cynthia Hearring

   Snare 2 – Blake Davis

   Snare 3 – Morgan Raney

   Tenor – Bri Gibson

   Bass Drum 1 – Shiloh Bruner

   Bass Drum 2 – Isaac Rodriguez

   Bass Drum 3 – Ella Miller

   Bass Drum 4 – Jared Harrison

Front Ensemble

    Nikkolette Perkins (Clarinet Pep Band in stands)

    Haley Ratley (undecided) (Flute in Pep and stands)

    Cole Baldridge

    Sam Baker  (Clarinet Pep Band and stands)


Following Friday night's (March 11, 2017) amazing performance at Concert Perfromance Assessment, the band learned that for the first time in school history, the Brookland Band has qualified for the SWEEPSTAKES TROPHY, having earned SUPERIOR in concert assessment, marching assessment and sight-reading assessment. 

Below, you will find YouTube links to each piece. These were set up for us by band member Parker Odom. Special thanks to him for his work!

I am so proud of you guys! Here are some comments from other directors:

Tim Oliver (Director of Bands, Arkansas State University): "Enjoyable performance this evening.... I really liked the Giroux piece. Very effective."

Steve Warner (Retired, Arkansas Phi Beta Mu Hall of Fame Band Director, AMRO Director of Distinction): "Your performance was electric."

Liberty Bell March



For the entire concert:

Judge's Comments to come Monday....

Fundamental Technique - "Outstanding."

Musical Effects - "Excellent"

"It was a joy to hear you tonight. It was exceptional. Congratulations on all your hard work."

"Superb Performance."

March - "Excellent style"

Ouachita - "Great solist"

Havendance - "Wonderful."


...From the Comment Sheets...

Fundamental Technique - "Great Tuning in upper woodwinds."

Musical Effects - "On the middle tune, sometimes more volume on [forte]."

" I enjoyed it! Wow! Very musical performance."


Fundamental Technique - "All done well...Very nice. Great tone quality

Musical Effects - "Beautiful choirs. The Julie Giroux-West piece tore my heart out - wonderful style, phrasing, and nuance. A beautiful, mature sounding band. A joy to hear!"

"Congratulations! Outstanding!"

March - "Great style. Nice [articulation]. Great dynamic differences. Enjoyed it."

Ouachita - "Nice blend and balance. Great soloists."


In the sightreading room....

Allen Wimberly - "Very nice. Great attention to details and dynamics! Congrats."        SUPERIOR


Judge 1 
Janet Granderson says....

" Fundamentally accurate! A Very music performance! Work on a bit more energy to some of the louder dynamic levels - just do it with control. Thank you for your preparation for today's performance. A very mature sounding ensemble - enjoyed hearing you play!

Judge 2
Joe Trusty says...

"Good! Very well taught musicians. Great sounds, wonderful balance blend and tuning. [regarding musical effects:] Incredible!. Thank you! This was wonderful.

Judge 3
Ron Smith says...




Sight-reading judge

Mark Bailey says, " Good looking group. Very focused. Good prep time usage. Nice job identifying melodies and articulation. Great start... BEAUTIFUL ensemble sound! Ok, it makes my job difficult when everything is played so nicely. The only complaint (take it with a grain of salt :-) is the trumpets were a little over balanced during the brass choir section.. The melody was in the low brass and horn. Everything else was so nice....GREAT READING! I enjoyed it.

Mr. Hogard says....

I have never had so much fun standing in front of and conducting a band in a concert in my entire 26 year career. You people were amazing. I listened to the recordings after you left the band room Saturday evening and was so moved by Sinfonia VI that I actually welled up a little. The march made me proud and I wanted to stand and shout at the end of Variants. 

This was not the first time Brookland has made all 1's at assessment - that was in 2014. I do hope you will remember, though, that we only played TWO tunes that year because of the weather. This is the first time that we have earned all Superiors while performing the entire required 3 peices. This was also the first time that this band has ever competed by performing three grade 3 pieces. For those of you who don't know, we are only required to perform one piece of grade 2 level, leaving the other two to be grade 1 or 2.

After the concert, several people, including Mr. Ken Hatch (ASU), Dr. Bruce Faske (ASU), Dr. Sarah Labovitz and Dr. Tim Oliver, Ms. Ladonna Gibson, and others came to congratulate the band before they even knew the ratings. Mr. Steve Warner sent a text reading "Awesome concert! I am proud...of your students."

This was by far the best concert I have ever conducted and I have so many people to thank:

Mr. Tyler Worsham. I don't know how we could have gotten this all done with out him.

Mr. Monty Hill (Lyon College), Dr. Tim Oliver (ASU), Dr. Sarah Labovitz (ASU), and Steve Warner (Retired band director) for listening and working with the band and pushing us to hear, play and do things in different ways. 

Steve Warner (again) for holding me together when I was freaking out Friday night.

Ladonna Gibson (AMRO) for stepping from time to time to make comments and to also provide some glue to my spastic psyche.

Allan Cochran (booster president and band dad) for driving the truck to assessment. 

All the band family and friends who came to support us at our performance. 

I am not even going to begin to list particular students who put in work and had input on things that I was not hearing or aware of. I can't name them for fear of leaving someone I will name every student:

Flute: Brent Cochran, Hailey Ratley, Zach Gibson, Winter Hicks

Oboe: Adam Baxter and Nikkolette Perkins

Bassoon: Ethan Nelms

Clarinet: Dylan Lane, Abeer Aljaad, Drew Daniels, Dylan Wallis, Taylor Mosbey, Jarred Harrison, Parker Odom, Joseph Erickson, Pamela Leonard, Colby Shortnacy

Bass Clarinet: Tyler Weaver

Alto Sax: Tyler Ballard and Ben Robison

Tenor Sax: Nathan McMinn

Baritone Sax: Ethan Scurlock

Trumpet: Zach Proctor, Jodie Seaborn, Alex White, Ben Pierce, and Daniel Pasmore

F-Horn: Olivia Langner

Trombone: Katelyn Ratley, Nathan Lamb, Jacob Scallion, Lucas Heer, Dylan Neff

Bass Trombone: Carson Woodard

Euphonium: Tim Casey and Breanna Condon

Tuba: Casey Smith, Brice Vaughn, and Amanda Tyler

Percussion: Creed Edgar, Brianna Gibson, Cynthia Hearring, Zack Rucker, Cole Layne, Leo Montgomery, Jacob Easley, Nick Gregory, and Skyler Coleman

I love you all. Thank you for making my life a little sweeter.