Brookland Bearcat Band

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2013-2104 History


Six Brookland Bearcat Band students were selected to the Arkansas Region V band on Saturday, January 18, at MacArthur Junior High School. These students were selected by blind audition in competition with students from all across Northeast Arkansas.

FIRST BAND: Rachel Stewart - 12th chair Clarinet, Trevor Belyew - 4th chair Bass Clarinet, Jacob Perkins - 2nd Chair Baritone Saxophone, Daniel Baxter - 5th chair F-Horn

SECOND BAND: Allison Brown - 15th chair Clarinet, Katelyn Ratley - 8th Chair Trombone

Miss Stewart, Mr. Belyew, Mr. Perkins, and Mr. Baxter also qualified to audition for All-State band in February, at Arkansas State University.

Students in the 8th and 9th grade band travelled to Pocahontason Saturday, December 14, to compete for positions in the Arkansas Region 5 Junior High All-Region Bands.

Students competed in 3 categories against other students from across Northeast Arkansas who play the same instruments that they do. Region V includes all of the junior high schools in Clay, Greene, Mississippi, Craighead, Randolph, Lawrence, Poinsett, Sharp, Independence, Fulton and Jackson counties, as well as parts of Cross county. The students were judged on music they have been rehearsing for the last 2 months, on performance of memorized scales and on sight reading ability. Sight-reading is performing a new piece of music that the student has only seen for 20 seconds before asked to play it!

Students selected were:

FIRST BAND: Dylan Lane - 7th chair clarinet, Olivia Langner - 4th chair F-horn, Amanda Tyler - 8th chair Tuba

SECOND BAND: Haley Ratley - 10th chair flute, Adam Baxter - 3rd chair Oboe, Dylan Wallis - 2nd chair Clarinet, Zach Proctor - 9th chair Trumpet, Dylan Neff - 8th chair Trombone

ALTERNATE: Blake Martin - 2nd alt. flute

These students will be performed in concert with the other qualifiers from our region at 2:00 p.m., at the ASU Fowler Center on Saturday, January 25th. The concert was free and open to the public. The students selected in December to the Junior All-Region band also performed with their groups.


Trevor Belyew, an 11th grade bass clarinet player in the Bearcat Band auditioned against 36 other bass clarinet players from around the state on February 15, and earned a score that secured a spot in the All-State Band. There are 9 regions in Arkansas and each region sends their top 4 bass clarinet players as determined by All-Region auditions held in January. Mr. Belyew earned the 12th spot, landing him in the 3rd All-State Band.

The All-State band performed in Hot Springs on February 22, after only 3 days of rehearsal under the direction of Richard Saucedo.

Arkansas Small Band Association Honor Band

The following students were selected to the Arkansas Small School Bands (ASBA) Honor Band at auditions on February 19, 2014, at Riverview High School in Searcy.

Brent Cochran - Flute 6th Chair, Rachel Stewart - Clarinet 2nd Chair, Allison Brown - Clarinet 6th Chair, Trevor Belyew - Bass Clarinet 3rd Chair, Jacob Perkins - Baritone Saxophone 1st Chair, Tristan Skaggs - Tenor Saxophone 1st Alternate, Katelyn Ratley - Trombone 3rd Chair, Ethan Nelms - Trombone 6th Chair, Tim Casey - Euphonium 5th Chair, Xavier Armistead - Percussion 2nd, Jordan Ferrell - Percussion 7th Chair, Alex Turner - Percussion 8th Chair, Zach Rucker - Percussion 11th Chair

They will be performing a concert at Atkins High School on Saturday, April 5, 2014 at 2:30PM with other students from across the state selected to the group. The band this year will be conducted by Mr. David Gorham who has an extensive list of compositions under his belt and one of the most well known high school bands in the country.

Region Concert Assessment

The Brookland Band performed a Regional Assessment on Saturday, March 14, 2014, at Greene County Tech. Regional assessment involves playing several pieces that they have been working on for several weeks and one piece they only saw for the first time.

The prepared pieces ("Air for Band" by Frank Erickson and "Canticle" by Bruce Pearson) were judged by Monty Hill of Little Rock; Joe Trusty of Cabot; and Sara Abbot of North Pulaski; who listened to both peices and then gave the band a rating of 1,2,3,4, or 5 (1 being the highest). All three judges gave the band a 1 rating for an overall rating of 1, or SUPERIOR!

All three judges commented on how much they appreciated the band's attentiveness to musical details and tone. While they could find things to "pick at," they were very impressed by how well the band played. Mr. Hogard was most proud of Mr. Hill's reference to the disciplined look of the band!

The Sight Reading Judge listened to us as we had 7 minutes to rehearse a piece none of us had ever seen before and then play the piece. She also gave us a rating of 1.

Solo and Ensemble 2014

Students returned from Highland High School on Friday, April 25 and Saturday, April 26, after performing individual and small group events for judges. Students had been learning solos and or ensembles and were rated by the judges on how well they performed their piece. Students were rank as Division I (supperior), II (Excellent), III (Good), IV (Fair) or V (Poor). Brookland had no students in the Division IV or V categories. The following students received these ratings (note that some student performed more than one event:

Grade 7

Chase Dalton Key Solo (I), Drum Solo (I), Brianna Gibson Key Solo (I), Drum Solo (I), Aaron Schug Key Solo (I), Drum Solo (I), Gavin Jones Key Solo (I), Casey Smith Solo (I), Colby Shortnacy Solo (I), Sean Simpkins Solo (II), Noah Smith Solo (II), Breanna Condon Solo (II), Nathan Lamb Solo (I), Sayje Martin Solo (II), Daniel Pasmore Solo (I), Ben Pierce (I), Ben Robison Solo (I), Lexi Willis Solo (I), Hailey Ratley Solo (I), Nikkolette Solo (II), 

Grade 8

Ethan Scurlock Solo (I), Joseph Shinault Solo (II), Kyle Wyatt Solo (II), Adam Baxter Solo (I), Zach Proctor Solo (I), Jacob Easley: Drum Solo (II) and Keyboard Solo (I), Creed Edgar Drum Solo (I), Abber Aljaad Solo (I), Drew Daniels Solo (II), Jared Harrison Solo (I), Tayor Mosbey Solo (I), Parker Odom solo (I), Noah Mooneyham Solo (I), Jacob Scallion Solo (II), Alex White Solo (II), Tyler Ballard Solo (II), JD Davis Solo (II), WinterHicks Solo (II), Kyle Luna Solo (II), Samantha Sennett Solo (II), Abby Bass Solo (II), Amanda Tyler Solo (I)

Grade 9

Blake Martinez Solo (I), Blake Martin Flute Duet (I), Oliver Quiroz Solo (I), Olivia Langner Solo (I) and Horn Duet (II), Chris Morgan Solo (I) and Clar-Sax Duet (II), Dylan Lane Clar Duet (II) and Clar-Sax Duet (II) and Brass Duet (II), Bryce Vaughn Tuba-Bassoon Duet (II), Joseph Erickson Clar Duet (II) and Woodwind Quartet (II), Tyler Weaver Clar Duet (II), Dalton Thompson Woodwind Quartet (II) and Flute Trio (I), Dylan Wallis Woodwind Quartet (II), Zach Gibson Flute Trio (I), Shane Spencer Flute Trio (I), Nathan McMinn Jazz Combo (II), Dylan Neff Jazz Combo (II), Leo Montgomery Jazz Combo (II), Michael Daugherity Trum Duet (II)

Grade 10

Brent Cochran Solo (I), Flute Duet (I) and Jazz Quartet (II), Katelyn Ratley TBone Solo (I),and Flute Solo (I), Ethan Nelms Tuba-Trom Duet (II) and Trom Duet (II) and Woodwind Quartet (II), Zach Rucker Trombone Duet (II), Cody Pemberton Trum Duet (II)

Grade 11

Xavier Armistead Solo (I)and Brass Duet (II), Allison Brown Clar-Trump Duet (I), Trevor Belyew Sax-Bass Cl Duet (I)

Grade 12

Chandler Tate Clar-Trump Duet (I), Jacob Perkins Horn Duet (I)and Sax-Bass Cl Duet (I), Rachel Stewart Clar Duet (II), Perri Wright Sax Solo (I), Tristan Skaggs Drum Solo (I) and Tenor Solo (I)