ASBA Honor Band 2016

Tuesday night, Brookland High School Band students travelled to Searcy to compete for spots in the ASBA Honor Band. 16 students were selected, including 6 first chairs, plus 5 alternates, for a total of 21 selected:

Flutes: Brent Cochran, 4th; Hailey Ratley, 9th; Winter Hicks, 12th
Oboe: Adam Baxter 1st
Bassoon: Ethan Nelms, 1st
Clarinet: Dylan Lane 1st, Dylan Wallis, 11th, Drew Daniels, 16th, Abeer Aljaad, 17th; Taylor Mosbey, 1st alternate; Parker Odom, 2nd Alternate
Bass Clarinet: Tyler WEaver, 2nd
Alto Sax: Tyler Ballard, 2nd alternate
Tenor Sax: Nathan McMinn, 1st alternate
Baritone Sax: Ethan Scurlock, 1st
Trumpet: Zach Proctor, 4th
F-Horn: Olivia Langner, 2nd
Trombone: Katelyn Ratley, 1st; Carson Woodard, 1st Alternate
Baritone: Tim Casey, 1st
Percussion: Creed Edgar, 10th

These students will be perfroming a concert in Pangburn, Arkansas on April 2, 2016 under the conducting of Dr. Albert Nguyen of the University of Memphis.