Brookland Bearcat Band

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  • Christmas 2016
    Christmas 2016
  • Class of 2017, Christmas 2016
    Class of 2017, Christmas 2016
  • Taylor and Haley
    Taylor and Haley
  • The Battery.
    The Battery.
  • Tyler Harrison in Pep Parade, 2017
    Tyler Harrison in Pep Parade, 2017
  • Pep Band Rocks!
    Pep Band Rocks!
  • Olivia and Penguin Man, Penguin Man, does whatever a Penguin Man can.On the ice, slides real nice, eats his sushi by the slice. Watchout! Hogard's a Penguin Man.
    Olivia and Penguin Man, Penguin Man, does whatever a Penguin Man can.On the ice, slides real nice, eats his sushi by the slice. Watchout! Hogard's a Penguin Man.
  • Alex waiting patiently!
    Alex waiting patiently!
  • Alex and Cynthia Chillin' in the Chill
    Alex and Cynthia Chillin' in the Chill
  • Alex and Cynthia chillin' in the chill.
    Alex and Cynthia chillin' in the chill.
Christmas 2016
Christmas 2016
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Concert Assessment 2017 - Superior

Judge Kevin Taylor

Fundamental Technique - "Outstanding."

Musical Effects - "Excellent"

"It was a joy to hear you tonight. It was exceptional. Congratulations on all your hard work."

"Superb Performance."

March - "Excellent style"

Ouachita - "Great solist"

Havendance - "Wonderful."

Judge Erica Hann

...From the Comment Sheets...

Fundamental Technique - "Great Tuning in upper woodwinds."

Musical Effects - "On the middle tune, sometimes more volume on [forte]."

" I enjoyed it! Wow! Very musical performance."

Judge Ken Lewis

Fundamental Technique - "All done well...Very nice. Great tone quality

Musical Effects - "Beautiful choirs. The Julie Giroux-West piece tore my heart out - wonderful style, phrasing, and nuance. A beautiful, mature sounding band. A joy to hear!"

"Congratulations! Outstanding!"

March - "Great style. Nice [articulation]. Great dynamic differences. Enjoyed it."

Ouachita - "Nice blend and balance. Great soloists."

2017 Honor Band Qualifiers

Zach Gibson- 9th Chair Flute

Adam Baxter- 1st Chair Oboe

Drew Daniels- 7th Chair Clarinet

Jared Harrison- 26th Chair Clarinet

Parker Odom- 3rd Chair Bass Clarinet

Nathan McMinn- 3rd Chair Tenor Saxophone

Shiloh Bruner- 2nd Chair Baritone Saxophone

Carson Woodard- 9th Chair Trombone

Breanna Condon- 1st Chair Baritone

Bri Gibson- 10th Chair Percussion

Nikkolette Perkins- 2nd Chair Oboe

Ethan Scurlock- 4th Chair Alto Saxophone

Olivia Langner- 2nd Chair French Horn

Zach Proctor- 3rd Chair Trumpet

Tyler Weaver- 1st Alternate Bass Clarinet

Cynthia Hearring- 4th Alternate Percussion


2017 All-State Qualifiers

Adam Baxter - Wind Ensemble 2nd Chair Oboe

Ethan Scurlock - Symphonic Band 1st Chair Baritone sax

Dylan Lane - Concert Band 25th Chair Clarinet

Adam Baxter - Chamber Orchestra 2nd Chair Oboe

Haley Ratley (band Student) - Second Soprano, 37th chair

2017 ASBOA Region V All-Region Results

Senior Region Band
Results from January 14, 2017

1st Band

Adam Baxter - 1st Oboe*

Dylan Lane - 3rd Clarinet*

Dylan Wallis - 18th Clarinet**

Zach Proctor - 13th Trumpet**

Olivia Langner - 5th Horn*


Tyler Weaver - 2nd Bass Clarinet

2nd Band

Nikkolette Perkins - 3rd Oboe

Drew Daniels - 4th Clarinet

Jared Harrison - 15th Clarinet

Ethan Scurlock - 1st Baritone Sax*

Breanna Condon - 1st Euphonium**

Carson Woodard - 1st Bass Trombone**

Bri Gibson - 9th Percussion

Clinic is January 20-21 at Arkansas State University. Link to Schedule is above.

* All-State Audition Automatic Qualifier

** All-State Audition Alternate

All-State Auditions - February 4, 2017 (overnight 2/3-4)

Jazz Band

1st Band 

Ethan Scurlock - Baritone Sax

(Qualified for All-State auditions)

2nd Band

Zach Proctor - Trumpet

Carson Woodard - Bass Trombone

Clinic is January 6-7 at Jonesboro High School

All State Auditions - February 3, 2017 (overnight 2/3-4)

Junior Region Band

2nd Band

Matt Luster - 3rd Alto Sax

Carlie Glass - 7th Trombone

Connor Woodard - 9th Trombone

Drew Walker - 1st Euphonium 

Lakota Noles - 1st Tuba

Halie Noell - 8th Tuba


Caleb Foster - Trombone

Clinic is January 20-21 at Arkansas State Univeristy. Schedule is linked above.


Brookland Band Earns FIRST EVER SUPERIOR RATING at Region Marching Assessment at Paragould High School on Tuesday, October 18, 2016. This was only the 2nd time they have been to assessment, having earned an Excellent last year.

2016 Arkansas Open Results

While we were hoping for a Superior Rating at our first ever marching contest, THE ROAR performed very well and set high marks for future members of the band. 

The band earned an over-all score of 77.5, which is on the high end of a Second Division (Excellent). Two of the six judges - Chris Tate (80/100) one of two judges scoring marching and Marcy Wells (80/100) one of two judges scoring Overall Efffect - rated us at a SUPERIOR level in their respective categories, but the other four (Steve Warner (77.4/100) and Karen Dismuke (76/100), music; Danny Davis (73/100), marching; and Leigh Boyce (78.4/100), Overall Effect) called us at  Division Two.  

We were estastatic to learn that our PERCUSSION SECTION won our Division. They were beaming with pride as they heard BROOKLAND called over the Red Wolf PA system and the band went a little crazy in excitement and congratulations. Members of the line are section leader and lead snare. Leo Montgomery; Snare, Cynthia Hearring; Tenor Drums, Bri Gibson; Bass Drummers Cole Baldridge, Isaac Rodriguez, Jacob Gore and Jared Harrison (Bass Drum section captain); and cymbalist, Ella Miller.

Here is the breakdown of the final results for Brookland:


 Overall Effect
Final Score
Division AA1 (4 bands)
Class AA (12 bands)
Overall (24 bands) 

As you can see, the students fared very well in the competition. We were the only band at the event that had never competed before in a marching competition and we have set a high bar for our future growth. 

It should be noted that "Overall Effect" refers to a measure of music selection and performance, marching intricacy and its relation to the music, show design and execution, and entertainment.


2016-2017 Percussion Line

Snare:    Leo Montgomery* 

Snare:    Cynthia Hearring

Tenor:    Brianna Gibson

Pit:         Ella Miller

Bass Drum 1:   Cole Baldridge

Bass Drum 2:   Isaac Rodriguez

Bass Drum 3:   Jacob Gore

Bass Drum 4:   Jared Harrison

*Section Leader

Marching Band Command Structure, 2016-2017

Drum Major: Olivia Langner

Woodwind Section Leaders:

- Flute Section Lieutenant: Hailey Ratley

- Clarinet Section Lieutenant: Dylan Lane

--- Clarinet Section 2nd Lt: Dylan Wallis

- Alto Line Lieutenant: Ethan Scurlock

Percussion Section Leader: Leo Montgomery

Brass Section Leader: Zach Proctor

- Soprano Leader: Zach Proctor

- Tenor-Bass Lieutenant: Nathan Lamb

NOTE: Soprano = Trumpet 1-2; Alto = Mellophone, Alto Sax; Tenor = Trombone; Bass = Baritone, Tuba

2016-2017 Band Council

President: Olivia Langner

Vice-President: Zach Proctor

Secretary/Historian: Haley Ratley

Senior Rep: Dylan Lane

Senior Rep: Nathan McMinn

Senior Rep: Leo Montgomery

Sophomore Rep: Nikkolette Perkins

Sophomore Rep: Nathan Lamb

Sophomore Rep: James Harrison

Sophomore Rep: Brianna Gibson

Junior Rep: Winter Hicks

Junior Rep: Taylor Mosbey 

Junior Rep: Adam Baxter

Freshman Rep: Matt Luster

Freshman Rep: Carlie Glass

Freshman Rep: Isaac Rodriguez

Freshman Rep: Connor Woodard