Brookland Bearcat Band

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Beginner Instruments 

Instrument care

Solo and Ensemble accompaniments

What's going on!

I hope you are interested in the Brookland Bearcat Band. Why? Several reasons, but here are a few:

1. Brookland Band has earned the Sweepstakes trophy 2 consecutive years

2. Brookland consistently has a high number of students make all-region. 

3. Friends!

4. Playing an instrument makes you smarter. See the vid on this page!

5. College Scholarships - 4 Brookland students are accepting band scholarships to attend college in the fall. Brookland band averages 20% or graduating band seniors accepting scholarships, annually.

6. Mr. Hogard and Miss Ferrell are way cool!


1. Can I do band and sports?

----Yes! And do not let anyone tell you it is not possible. Is it tough? Yes. Is it doable? Yes!

2. Do I need to be able to read music to join?

----You will learn to read music.

3. Do I have a lot of after-school events and practices?

----Events? 3 in the beginning band (2 concerts and a competition in April)

-----Practices? Not in 7th grade.

4. Should I buy an instrument now?

----ABSOLUTELY NOT until after instrument auditions in the late spring or early autumn.

-----And then ONLY if the instrument is on the approved instrument list.


Beginning Band Stuff!

Trumpet first lesson!

Joining the Bearcat Band!

1. You will have awesome EXPERIENCES with your FRIENDS!

2. Music will CHALLENGE you to be your best!

3. You will get to MAKE music!

4. MUSIC makes you SMARTER! Clink this!

  SPECIAL NOTE: A study in Canada noticed that a person with a degree in music was more likely to be admitted to Med School than a person with a pre-med degree! CHECK IT OUT!!!

5. College Scholarships!  In the past 5 years, every Brookland student who auditioned for band scholarships received one! This year, that was 8 out of 8!

6. Build LEADER Skills

6. There is NO bench! Everyone gets to play ALWAYS!

1. You CAN do athletics, cheer, dance, EAST or any other school activity and STILL be in band all the way through school!

2. You do NOT have to own an instrument, already! Our FIRST job will be to help you find one that you will learn. (see below!)

3. We teach EVERYONE to read music! If you have never played an instrument, we teach you how. In 3 months you will play a 15 minute concert of music your family will know.

4.There are NO after school practices in beginning band!

What are my instrument choices???

Watch these videos to get an overview and then scroll down to see more about each instrument....

1. If you have already joined band, skip to number 3. If not, go to number 2.

2. Register for Band. If you have already turned in your schedule, you can email the Junior High Counselor, Ms. Rodriguez at [email protected] and let her know!

3. FIll out the following form. Click me!

4. Wait for us. Do not buy an instrument until we set up a time to meet with you about what instrument you should play. You must audition for Percussion the first week of school. Once we know what you are going to play, then we can start looking for instruments.

Scroll down for information on caring for your instrument.


Oboe - Must take lessons! (Starting 1 student) 











Concert Band

Marching Band

Fast Forward to 2 minutes in.

Jazz Band

Fast forward to 1:20

Music and Your Brain!

Caring for your Instrument!


Bassoon - Put it together, then take it apart



Snare Drum




Euphonium, Baritone, Tuba

Solo and Ensemble recordings with soloist