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Florida Information, March 15 -21, 2019

All students will be required to return the Intent Form, whether they are going on the trip or not. I will be passing it out in class next week, but it is here because, well, you know kids. It must be returned with the deposit of $50 per person by August 20. 

The Brookland Band medical form will not suffice for this trip. You will be required to fill out and return a Medical Release form for each person on the trip.


The price is REALLY $941 per person, not including trip insurance and assuming 4 per room.

We will be updating this page periodically with information on the Florida Trip. I will send out a Remind each time I update it.

Other information

1. The price per person is REALLY, REALLY $941, assuming no extra insurance and 4 to a room. NOTE: It could go up about $10 in December, based on a projected price increase from Disney.

2. Chaperones do NOT need a background check. They do require principal's approval, though. I will get this to Mr. Hovis ASAP.

3. We must have at least 40 students attending or we will not be going.

4. Daphne Perkins is the booster president and the contact person regarding payments issues. 870-974-2057

5. Regarding travelling in private car:

     a. Students who attend must ride the buses to and from this trip unless granted permission from school administrators. The student will still be required to pay the full                  $941 (that is the real price) to go on the trip, even if they ride with a parent.

     b. Adults who wish to drive will have to reserve their own hotel rooms and tickets.

Insurance information can be viewd or printed by viewing the links to the right.

Letter from Owner of travel company:

"Brookland HS Band

This is ... information for the Travel Insurance that is available.  We do not include it in our package because we believe each family needs to make the decision if they want to purchase it or not.

The cost for travel insurance for a trip like the ... one to Disney World is about $30 to $40 per person.  This cost is dependent on how much coverage you would like... You need to purchase it [directly] through the company Travel Select.  We do not get involved in the travel insurance we just make it available.


Ronny Patterson"

If you want to purchase this insurance, check the form and I will request brochures.



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