Liberty Bell March



For the entire concert:

Judge's Comments to come Monday....

Fundamental Technique - "Outstanding."

Musical Effects - "Excellent"

"It was a joy to hear you tonight. It was exceptional. Congratulations on all your hard work."

"Superb Performance."

March - "Excellent style"

Ouachita - "Great solist"

Havendance - "Wonderful."


...From the Comment Sheets...

Fundamental Technique - "Great Tuning in upper woodwinds."

Musical Effects - "On the middle tune, sometimes more volume on [forte]."

" I enjoyed it! Wow! Very musical performance."


Fundamental Technique - "All done well...Very nice. Great tone quality

Musical Effects - "Beautiful choirs. The Julie Giroux-West piece tore my heart out - wonderful style, phrasing, and nuance. A beautiful, mature sounding band. A joy to hear!"

"Congratulations! Outstanding!"

March - "Great style. Nice [articulation]. Great dynamic differences. Enjoyed it."

Ouachita - "Nice blend and balance. Great soloists."


In the sightreading room....

Allen Wimberly - "Very nice. Great attention to details and dynamics! Congrats."        SUPERIOR