Brookland Bearcat Band

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High School Band ONLY: Google Classroom Code:  ifbc6co

Band Council

President - Zach Proctor

Vice President - Ethan Scurlock

Secretary - Hailey Ratley

WW CPT - Adam Baxter

Brass CPT - Zach Proctor

Instrument CPT - Jodie Seaborn

Music CPT - Zach Proctor

Technology CPT - Parker Odom

Field Commander - Ethan Scurlock

Associate FC - Hannah Smith

Junior Rep - Nikkolette Perkins

Junior Rep - Breanna Condon

Junior Rep - Jarred Harrison

Sophomore Rep - Matt Luster

Sophomore Rep - Chloe Martin

Sophomore Rep - Connor Woodard

Freshman Rep - Rebekah Jones

Freshman Rep - Drew Walker

Other Assignments

Uniform CPT - Shiloh Bruner

Music SGT - Lakota Noles

High School Percussion Rudiments

The number in parentheses indicates the PAS 40 essesntial rudiments as found by clicking the link at the end of this list.

Single Stroke Roll (1); 

Double Stroke Roll (6); 

Five Stroke Roll (7); 

Seven Stroke Roll (9); 

Nine Stroke Roll (10)

Single Paradiddle (16), 

Double Paradiddle (17)

Flam (20); 

Flam Accent (21); 

Flamacue (23); 

Flam Paraddidle (24)

Drag (31); 

Double Drag Tap (33); 

Single Ratamacue (38)

Using the Vic Firth Site: Find the rudiment with the matching name and number. Some have more than one choice. Either is fine. There are different page headings right above the rudiments. You may need to select those to find your rudiment. Listen to Bronze level, then play along. Work you way up to Diamond over time. To pass the rudiment off, you need to practice like the Vic Firth Play-along Track. 30-40 seconds is long enough. You do not have to go at the fastest speeds, but you should be able to play all rudiments at least up to Gold Level speed.

Band Leader Videos

British 8th March
Zo Elliot

Prelude, Siciliano and Rondo  Malcom Arnold

Suite in E-flat, Chaconne
Gustav Holst



Haley Ratley 0

Riley Christenberry 3

Ashton Smallman 3.5 

Hannah Smith 4

Caitlyn Hearring 8

Emily Pelletier 13

Gabriel Burdin 13


Adam Baxter 0

Nikkolette Perkins 2

Clarinet (# indicates chair)

1st Clarinet 

1. Drew Daniels 0

4. Jaida Feliciano 7

2nd Clarinet

2. Jared Harrison 4

5. Zach Bearden 9

8. Chaney Krzton 21

3rd Clarinet

3. Gavin Islas 8

6. Sid Simpkins 14

7. Sam Baker 16

9. Josh Thompson 23

10. Savannah Spades 27

11. Colby Shortnacy 29 

12. Bailey Hyde 38 

Bass Clarinet

Parker Odom

Alto Sax

Ethan Scurlock 0

Rebekah Jones 3

Harmonie Slater 19

Tenor Sax

Matt Luster

Baritone Sax

Shiloh Bruner


Zach Proctor 0

Jodie Seaborn 2

Alex White 3

Chloe Martin 6

Kai Bounds 8

Daniel Pasmore 9


Horn in F

Shelby Brown

Ben Pierce NA


Nathan Lamb 0

Connor Woodard 0

Lucas Heer (Section Leader) 3

Tyler Harrison 4

Carlie Glass 6

Caleb Foster 7

Glen Goodwin 12

Katy Polk 14


Breanna Condon 0

Drew Walker 1

Kyle Weaver 10

Bass Trombone

Carson Woodard (Tuba Section leader)


Lakota Noles 0

Casey Smith 2


Bri Gibson 0

Isaac Rodriguez 8

Cole Baldridge 9

Mogan Raney 13

Blake Davis 16

Ella Miller 25

Kalie Cofield NA



Adam Baxter Oboe Solo-Superior; Adam Baxter Tenor Sax Solo-Superior; Ethan Scurlock Alto Sax Solo - Superior; Zach Proctor Trumpet Solo - Superior; Parker Odom Bass Clarinet Solo - Superior; Woodwind Trio (Hailey Ratley, Adam Baxter, Drew Daniels) - Superior; Bri Gibson Vibraphone Solo - Superior; Percussion Ensemble (Bri Gibson, Blake Davis, Morgan Raney, Cole Baldridge, Kaylee Cofield, Isaac Rodriguez, Ella Miller) - Superior. 

All State Band  

Jazz Band 1- 1st Baritone Sax - Ethan Scurlock;;;Chamber Orchestra, Principal Oboe - Adam Baxter;;; Wind Symphony - Oboe 1 - Adam Baxter;;; Symphonic Band - Baritone Sax 1 - Ethan Scurlock;;;Concert Band- Bass Clarinet 4 - Parker Odom;;; Fourth Alternate Trumpet - Zachary Proctor

December 2: Junior High All Region Tryout Results 2017-2018

Flute- Hannah Davison 1st Band, 10th Chair; Riley Christenberry 2nd Band, 9th Chair; Caitlyn Hearring 4th Alternate;;; Oboe- Jasper Webb 1st Band, 3rd Chair;;; Clarinet- Sadie Miller 2nd Band, 22nd Chair;;; Saxophone- Rebekah Jones 2nd Band, 3rd Chair; Abby McDaniel 3rd Alternate;;; Trumpet- JP Weatherford 2nd Band, 3rd Chair;;;Baritone- Drew Walker 1st Band, 4th Chair

January 18 High School All Region Auditions (Grades 10-12) Results

Alternates: Casey Smith (Tuba), Isaac Rodriguez (Percussion), Jodie Seaborn (Trumpet), Shilioh Bruner (Baritone Sax), Gavin Islas (Clarinet);;; 2nd Band: Nikkolette Perkins (Oboe 2), Jaida Feliciano (Clarinet 18), Connor Woodard (Trombone 6). Nathan Lamb (Trombone 8), Bri Gibson (Percussion 2), Carson Woodard (Bass Trombone 1);;;1st Band: Haley Ratley (Flute 12), Adam Baxter (Oboe 1), Parker Odom (Bass Clarinet 3), Drew Daniels (Clarinet 14), Jared Harrison (Clarinet 26), Ethan Scurlock (Baritone Sax 1), Zach Proctor (Trumpet 3), Breanna Condon (Euphonium 5)

November 13: Region Jazz Auditions;  Annie Camp

       JH Band: Jasper Webb - Tenor 2; Kai Bounds - Trumpet 5; Drew Walker - Trombone 4; Katy Polk -                       Trombone Alternate

       SH Band 1: Ethan Scurlock* - Baritone Sax; Carson Woodard* - Bass Trombone

       SH Band 2: Zach Proctor* - Trumpet 1; Connor Woodard - Trombone 5; Lucas Heer - Trombone                           ALternate

       * All-State Audition Qualified

Field Commander – Ethan Scurlock

Associate Field Commander* – Hannah Smith

CPT = Captain; LT = Lieutenant; SGT = Sergeant

* fill in when FC absent or out; conduct 25% of stand tunes; possibly conduct 1 tune on field show.


Woodwind CPT – Adam Baxter

   Associate CPT – Hannah Smith

     Flute LT (Marching) – Hannah Smith

     Flute LT (Music) – Ashton Smallman

     Clarinet LT – Drew Daniels

          Clarinet SGT – Parker Odom

Sax/Horn LT – Adam Baxter

     Mellphone SGT - Breanna Condon


Brass MJR – Zach Proctor

      Trumpet LT (Captain) – Zach Proctor

         Trumpet SGT – Chloe Martin

      Low Brass CPT – Carson Woodard

         Trombone LT  –  Lucas Heer

            Trombone/Euph SGT - Connor Woodard 



Percussion Officers

Battery (Marching Percussion) CPT – 

      Snare LT – 

      Tenor/Bass LT – Bri Gibson

Front Ensemble CPT – Nikkolette Perkins

Percussion Results


   Snare 1 – 

   Snare 2 – Blake Davis

   Snare 3 – Morgan Raney

   Tenor – Bri Gibson

   Bass Drum 1 – Shiloh Bruner

   Bass Drum 2 – Isaac Rodriguez

   Bass Drum 3 – Ella Miller

   Bass Drum 4 – Jared Harrison

Front Ensemble

    Nikkolette Perkins (Clarinet Pep Band in stands)

    Haley Ratley (undecided) (Flute in Pep and stands)

    Cole Baldridge

    Sam Baker  (Clarinet Pep Band and stands)