Brookland Bearcat Band

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Terry L. Hogard - Director of Bands ([email protected])
Cassie Ferrell - Associate Director of Bands ([email protected])

The ROAR, Class of 2020

  • Sam Baker
    Sam Baker
  • Cole Baldridge
    Cole Baldridge
  • Jaida Feliciano
    Jaida Feliciano
  • Caleb Foster
    Caleb Foster
  • Carlie Glass
    Carlie Glass
  • Tyler Harrison
    Tyler Harrison
  • Gavin Islas
    Gavin Islas
  • Matt Luster
    Matt Luster
  • Chloe Martin
    Chloe Martin
  • Lakota Noles
    Lakota Noles
  • Isaac Rodriguez
    Isaac Rodriguez
  • Anna Simmons
    Anna Simmons
  • Hannah Smith
    Hannah Smith
  • Savannah Spades
    Savannah Spades
  • Kyle Weaver
    Kyle Weaver
  • Connor Woodard
    Connor Woodard

Remembering the Brookland Bands, 2019-2020

Band Events

Please see calendars in the Information column. Understand that they can change.

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ROAR Leaders 2019-2020

Field Commander - Hannah Smith

Associate Field Commander - Logan Bishop

Woodwind Maj - Matt Luster

Flute Cap - 

Clarinet Cap - Sadie Miller

Clarinet Lieu - Gavin Islas

Clarinet SGT - Jaida Feliciano

Saxophone Cap - Abby McDaniel

Brass Maj - Connor Woodard

High Brass Cap - Rebekah Jones

Trumpet Lieu - Chloe Martin

Mellophone Lieu - Kai Bounds

Low Brass Captain - Katy Polk

Trombone Lieu - Tyler Harrison

Tuba/Euph Lieu - Kyle Weaver

Battery Major - Isaac Rodriguez

Bass Drum Lieu - JP Weatherford

Front Ensemble Captain - Cole Baldridge

Front Ensemble Lieu - Sid Simpkins

Guard Captains - Carlie Glass, Savannah Spades

Guard Lieutenant - Brayden Taylor



Isaac Rodriguez

Spencer Wiiest


Brody Gibson

Bass Drum

Savannah Walker

Cade Faulkenberry

Anthony Garcia

Jon Paul Weatherford


Carlie Glass- captain

Savannah Spades- co-captain

Brayden Taylor- lieutenant

Makayla Riley

Kenna Hughes

Anna Simmons

Trinity Nobles

Faith Yancey

Mary Catherine McLeod

Caroline Wood

Bailey Hyde

Kirsten Marshall

Congratulations to the following students who made the Sr. High All Region Bands: 

Nikkolette Perkins- 2nd Band, 3rd Chair (3rd Alternate for All State)

Jared Harrison- 2nd Band, 12th Chair 

Savannah Spades- 2nd Band, 16th Chair

Sam Baker- 1st Alternate

Gavin Islas- 1st Band, 4th Chair (All State)

Rebekah Jones- 1st Band, 8th Chair (All State)

Connor Woodard- 1st Band, 7th Chair (All State)

Lucas Heer- 2nd Band, 4th Chair 

Carlie Glass- 1st Alternate

Breanna Condon- 1st Band, 2nd Chair (All State)

Drew Walker- 2nd Band, 3rd Chair (3rd Alternate for All State )

Lakota Noles- 3rd Alternate

Bri Gibson- 2nd Band, 7th Chair

Congratulations to the following students who made the Jr. High All Region Band: 

Flute- Hannah Davison- 1st Band, 3rd Chair
Flute- Abigail Bryant- 1st Band, 9th Chair
Oboe- Jasper Webb- 1st Band, 1st Chair
Bassoon- Jacob Groves- 1st Band, 1st Chair
Clarinet- Sadie Miller- 1st Band, 3rd Chair
Clarinet- Zach Harris- 1st Band, 17th Chair
Alto Sax- Abby McDaniel- 1st Band, 6th Chair
Tenor Sax- Wyatt Eaton- 1st Band, 1st Chair
Trumpet- Jon Paul Weatherford- 1st Band, 6th Chair
Trombone- David Rubottom- 1st Band, 6th Chair
Trombone- Landon Ballard- 1st Band, 7th Chair
Clarinet- Ryan Oxford- 2nd Band, 16th Chair
Bass Clarinet- Logan Hearring- 2nd Band, 2nd Chair
Alto Sax- Sophie Hacker- 2nd Band, 5th Chair
French Horn- Logan Bishop- 2nd Band, 1st Chair
Trombone- Kayden Edgar- 2nd Band, 3rd Chair
Trombone- Justin Goodwin- 2nd Band, 6th Chair
Tuba- Matthew Murray- 2nd Band, 1st Chair


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Other Websites

Brookland School District The Homepage of the Brookland School District

J.W.Pepper The worlds largest print music distributer. This site maintains recordings of many of the pieces the band performs

ASBOA The website for the Arkansas School Band and Orchestra association, the governing body of Arkansas School Bands,

ALSO, Check out the "Resources" tab at the top of the page! The website that will give your child hours of music to practice at home.

Why Band?

Have you ever wondered why children should learn to play an instrument? Here are some reasons you can share with your non-band friends (click on each one to be taken to the reqearch page)...

Music adds to mental acuity and longevity.

Music and the subtelties of hearing.

Music makes you smarter

Music improves motor skills


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