Brookland Bearcat Band

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High School Band ONLY: Google Classroom Code:   atnsua

High School Percussion Rudiments

The number in parentheses indicates the PAS 40 essesntial rudiments as found by clicking the link at the end of this list.

Single Stroke Roll (1); 

Double Stroke Roll (6); 

Five Stroke Roll (7); 

Seven Stroke Roll (9); 

Nine Stroke Roll (10)

Single Paradiddle (16), 

Double Paradiddle (17)

Flam (20); 

Flam Accent (21); 

Flamacue (23); 

Flam Paraddidle (24)

Drag (31); 

Double Drag Tap (33); 

Single Ratamacue (38)

Using the Vic Firth Site: Find the rudiment with the matching name and number. Some have more than one choice. Either is fine. There are different page headings right above the rudiments. You may need to select those to find your rudiment. Listen to Bronze level, then play along. Work you way up to Diamond over time. To pass the rudiment off, you need to practice like the Vic Firth Play-along Track. 30-40 seconds is long enough. You do not have to go at the fastest speeds, but you should be able to play all rudiments at least up to Gold Level speed.

NEW THINGS ON THIS PAGE: Playing assignment information 

Band Leader Videos

BAND COUNCIL 2018-2019:

President - Hannah Smith

Vice President - Connor Woodard

Executive Officer 1 - Matt Luster

Executive Officer 2 - Bri Gibson

Executive Officer 3 - Breanna Condon

Executive Officer 4 - Nikkolette Perkins

Captain - Jared Harrison

Captain - Rebekah Jones

Captain - Ashton Smallman

Tech CO - Lucas Heer

Uniform CO - Shiloh Bruner

Library CO - Lakota Noles

Logistics CO - Cole Baldridge

Sophomore Rep - Drew Walker

Sophomore Rep - Kai Bounds

Sophomore Rep - Riley Christenberry

Freshman Rep - Landon Ballard

Freshman Rep - Logan Bishop

Freshman Rep - Abigail Bryant

Freshman Rep - Sadie Miller

ROAR Leaders 2019-2020

Field Commander - Hannah Smith

Associate Field Commander - Logan Bishop

- Woodwind Maj - Matt Luster

---- Flute Cap - 

---- Clarinet Cap - Sadie Miller

------Clarinet Lieu - Gavin Islas

--------Clarinet SGT - Jaida Feliciano

---- Saxophone Cap - Abby McDaniel

- Brass Maj - Connor Woodard

---- High Brass Cap - Rebekah Jones

------Trumpet Lieu - Chloe Martin

------ Mellophone Lieu - Kai Bounds

- Low Brass Captain - Katy Polk

------ Trombone Lieu - Tyler Harrison

------ Tuba/Euph Lieu - Kyle Weaver

- Battery Major - Isaac Rodriguez

---- Bass Drum Lieu - JP Weatherford

---- Front Ensemble Captain - Cole Baldridge

------Front Ensemble Lieu - Sid Simpkins

---- Guard Captains - Carlie Glass, Savannah Spades

----Guard Lieutenant - Brayden Taylor


Carlie Glass- captain

Savannah Spades- co-captain

Brayden Taylor- lieutenant

Makayla Riley

Kenna Hughes

Anna Simmons

Trinity Nobles

Faith Yancey

Malerie Halstead

Mary Catherine McLeod

Caroline Wood

Hailey Sharp

Bailey Hyde

Kirsten Marshall

The ROAR Battery


Isaac Rodriguez

Spencer Wiiest


Brody Gibson

Bass Drum

Savannah Walker

Cade Faulkenberry

Anthony Garcia

Jon Paul Weatherford

The ROAR Front Ensemble

Challenge System

Your chair is not secure until after Region Auditions. The number after your name is the number of position points you are behind FIRST place, not the person ahead of you. Two people with the same number are tied. Ties will be broken depending on Region audition results.

How to move ahead of an upperclassman (grades 10-12)
       1. Position points are calculated by number of points ahead at region you are divided by 20 (rounded down). 
       2. To move ahead of an upperclassman ahead of you, then you must earn a number of position points equal to your position points - minus their position points plus 1: P(you) - P(them) + 1.  
           Example 1: Jodie is 2 position points behind Zach. He needs 2-0+1 = 3 position points to pass Zach. Suppose He  scores 63 points higher than Zach. This would give him 3 positions (63/20 = 3) and move him ahead of Zach.
       3. If, after auditions, both performers have a tie in position points, the leader keeps his position.
       4. You can jump more than one position.
           Example 1: Gavin is 4th chair, and behind Drew (1st chair) by 8 position points. Assuming no-one else passes Drew, if Gavin earns 9 p-points over Drew, he will pass 1st, 2nd and 3rd chair and into 1st chair.
       5. If the person ahead of you is absent, see the Absence rule below.
       6. Freshmen cannot move ahead of an upperclassman unless 
            a. An upperclassman who us unexcused absence will automatically lose 1 chair, regardless of points.
            b. An upperclassman who does not score above minimum will lose one position point for every 15 below the minimum All-Region required score (25% of points possible) if and only if the person below them is a freshman.

Absences and auditions.
       1. Unexcused absence includes failure to show to auditions or being blocked from auditioning due to not following rules regarding lesson and sectional attendance.
       2. A student with an unexcused absence from region automatically loses at least 1 chair and possibly more depending on the outcome of the Mean-Median rule. If the person loses one chair and the chair below is a tie, the student will fall back behind ALL of the students who are tied.
       3. If the leading student is excused absent, see the Mean-Median rule below.

If the person ahead of you is a Freshman, there are two possibilities:
       1. If you pass an upperclassman who is ahead of the freshmen, you automatically pass the freshmen, also.
          Example: Emily P is 5 points  behind freshman Caitlyn H and 11 points behind junior Ashton S. If Emily scores 120 points above the mean-median, she will earn 120/20 = 5 p-points and she will pass Caitlyn. If she earns a 12 position points higher than Ashton, she will pass both Caitlyn and Ashton, regardless of the Mean-Median Rule, but only if Ashton is not unexcused absent. In that case, only the mean median would apply.
       2. Otherwise, the mean-median rule will be invoked. 

The Mean-Median Rule:
       1. This rule is used ONLY to determine if an upperclassman can pass a Freshman OR someone who is absent, but excused from auditions.
       2.This is a score derived from averaging of the median score over-all with the mean score of those who make all-region bands on that instrument. ((Median of all auditioners)+ (Mean of students making it))/2.
       3. You can gain one position for every 20 points above the Mean-Median average on your auditions.
           Example: If the Mean-Median = 602, Connor Woodard scores 657 and Lucas scores 596. Connor would earn (677-602)/20 = 3 p-points. Connor would move ahead.